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6 Sales Books Every Technical Sales Professionals Should Read

As a Technical Sales Professional, it is imperative that you are motivated to want to learn new strategies and techniques that can help you in your selling efforts. To be successful you must master the fundamentals. Whether you’re looking for new tips and advice to help you in your career aspirations, or you just want the challenge of finding something that you don’t already know. 

TechSales Academy has pulled together our top list of books that can help transform you from a good sales person to a great sales person.


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The Challenger Sale


By Brent Adamson – Amazon Link

It took me a long time to realise the customer is not always right, and on the flip side I would never say a customer is wrong. What I have found is that your customers beliefs and ideas could have been altered by someone else, and that someone else could have been the sales rep before you. If that previous sales rep knew know what they were doing there is a good chance they left some land minds for you to walk on. 



This is where The Challenger sales method will certainly provide you with some useful tips and tricks that will teach you to challenge those beliefs and ideas while still building your own sale. This book challenges the long-held assumptions about selling success. The authors have based their guidance and conclusions on research and data analysis. There is a strong focus on challenging your customers to consider a better way to operate. Ultimately, it highlights the need for sales professionals to evolve into being consultants and teachers who force conversations about goals and insights with their customers.

SPIN Selling

By Neil Rackham Amazon Link

This the book that started me on my sales journey. First published in 1998 I found it on the bookshelf of one of the greatest salesmen I’ve worked with, it was of course covered in dust and had not been picked up for years but it opened my eyes to the world of sales and I have not looked back.


SPIN focuses on high-value sales. Rackham argues that buyers should do most of the talking, and sellers should ask the questions. For example, rather than ramming a product down your customers throat, have a dialogue that builds the appetite for the product. SPIN is an acronym for the four types of questions that lead to good rapport, interest and ultimately sales – Situation, Problem, Implication and Need-Payoff. If you are looking for a book that will provide you with a solid layout of how to structure your sales calls, then this book will provide you with that practical advice.

The Psychology of Selling


By Brian Tracy Amazon Link

I cannot recommend this book enough, it’s a must read for every sales professional. In fact, it’s one of my go to’s when I have my headset on at the gym. It’s a 6-hour book and if you decide to listen to it using Audible, you can have it knocked off in a weeks’ worth of gym sessions. This is a huge plus for me as it allows me to work the body and mind at the same time. Finding efficiencies in my life is key to maximising results.


Brian Tracy is an author with a wealth of practical experience and has written it to give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies and

techniques that you can use to make more sales. It will not only provide you with insight into the psychology that lies behind your customers and your own
behaviour and arguments, but it gives you the answers that will help you to close your sale and in turn help you to increase your income and meet sales

New Strategic Selling


By R. Miller Amazon Link

New Strategic selling will provide you with information necessary to determine which people you simply cannot afford to ignore, why a military strategist and a salesperson require the same set of skills and how specific you need to be with your sales objective. 

You need to understand that this book does not contain any information about sales tactics but rather provides you with information relating to sales strategy and how important it is to give this aspect of selling serious consideration and planning. If you are a sales person that is selling to big companies then this book is a must read.

Sell With A Story: How To Capture Attention, Build Trust, And Close The Sale


By Paul Smith Amazon Link

Over my career I’ve sat in 1000’s of customer meetings, looking back the only ones I remember are the meetings that started with a story. Its in our DNA to tell stories and as humans it’s how we learn.


Telling a story brings a huge amount of weight to any sales pitch and Paul Smith is an expert on the art of effectiveness of organisational storytelling.

This book foocuses on how to connect with someone you  dont’t know and convcert them into your customer. It discussses how stories are a critical element when you are  in sales. It will provide you with an extensive range of sale stories and storytelling techniques. I believe, this book will most certainly help you find a way to connect with your customer’s brain faster than your competitors by providing you with a guide to the process and strategies of good storytelling. 

Secrets of Closing the Sale


By Zig Ziglar Amazon Link

I tell my kids that I don’t pick favourites but when it comes to sales authors, I break my own rules. Zig’s raw understanding of human behaviour and his witty sense of humour always keeps me entertained and engaged no matter how many times I read his books. Plus, no book list would be complete without Zig Ziglar’s ‘Secret of Closing of the Sale’. 


This book contains relatable anecdotes, practical applications and recommended closing techniques that can help sales professionals close more sales. This book is broken into 6 parts which include psychology of closing, heart of your sales career, the sales professional, imagination and word pictures, the nuts and bolts of selling and the keys in closing. Scattered throughout this book are great stories to motivate you with both sales and working with your customers. 

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