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SIX IT Certifications Every IT Sales Professional Needs

The big question for anyone in technical sales is, how can I engage with my customers, give them confidence in my ability and assure them I understand their technical requirements’?

To be successful in technical sales you need to be prepared to commit yourself to a life of learning.  A wise man once told me that ‘knowledge is a light load to carry’ (thanks Dad)! The more knowledge you acquire that can be appled to practical purposes, the greater your rewards and the more money you will earn. With so many technical courses to choose from, how do you know where to start and which course will give you the best ‘bang for your buck’? Regardless of whether you are currently in sales and want to upskill your knowledage or alternatively, you are looking to land your dream sales job in the IT sector, there are courses available that can help you further your career.

To that end, here at TechSales Academy we have compiled a list of the top courses that we believe will give you the technical fundamentals and help you to close more deals with your clients.  

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CompITA – IT Fundamentals (ITF+)


If you are looking for that introductory course to give you an insight into basic IT skills and knowledge, then this course would be at the top of my list. The focus of CompITA ITF+ is to give students the necessary IT knowledge and skills required to perform tasks that entry-level IT professionals and advanced end users commonly perform. It will enable you to demonstrate to your customers that you have broader understanding of IT in turn giving them confidence that you understand their needs.  

ITIL Foundation

If you are looking for a course that will help you understand how to align IT services to your client’s business requirements, in my opinion this is the course. This foundation course focuses not only on the technical elements but also describes non-tech specific procedures, tasks and processes. Additionally, this course will help you to look at IT service management through an end-to-end operating model. 

AWS Foundation Certification


With many of the world’s biggest enterprises running part or all of their infrastructure within the cloud an AWS certification will certainly be useful tool to have in your belt. The increased use of cloud technologies requires new sets of skills to deploy, design and manage applications in cloud computing. 

There are currently 11 certifications and cover both fundamental and speciality cloud computing areas. Those with AWS certifications certainly get an edge over others when applying for jobs that require and understanding of cloud technologies. Given that AWS is the most mature and leader in the cloud computing space I would absolutely recommend starting here. 

CompITA – Cloud+


With ‘cloud-based infrastructure services becoming an increasingly important piece of organisations total IT system it certainly can’t hurt to develop a fundamental understanding of cloud-based technologies. 

The CompITA Cloud+ is a vendor neutral certification that provides the knowledge and skills required to maintain and optimise cloud infrastructure services and is globally recognised. It is one of the only courses that incorporates performance-based questions and hands-on simulations as part of the exam. Gaining a better understanding of Cloud technology will most certainly help you to meet and understand your customers’ needs, in turn resulting in more sales and therefore increasing your commission.

Cisco CCNA


Whether or not your company sells Cisco products, you can almost guarantee your customer will have some kind of hardware within their environment with a Cisco badge. This course will provide you a sure-fire way to gain maximum benefits. I personally believe that you can’t go wrong with Cisco certifications, they have certainly helped me in my career. 

This course covers a wide range of fundamentals for IT careers based within modern customer environments, latest networking technologies, and job roles. It does have a very technical focus but at TechSales Academy we believe this to be a good thing for the up and coming sales professional. CCNA certifications will absolutely prepare you with knowledge of basic technologies and keep you relevant with required skill sets to adopt the next generation of technologies. The course is perfect for those who work in technical sales or networking products and tools.

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) 

I completed this course back in 2005 and have found that it has become the benchmark for all security certifications. This course would have to be one of the most valued information security certifications that will give you a solid base for all things cyber security. 

The CISSP focuses on the concepts of information security across the systems development life cycle. The curriculum covers a selection of topics relevant to information security professionals around the world. Reasons to consider this course include maximising earning potential and career potential and gain a fundamental understanding of the cybersecurity landscape. 


Whether you are in IT sales or looking venture into a career in IT sales enhancing your technical knowledge will most certainly result in great career advancement opportunities and greater earning potential. Each certification listed above has its own focus and benefits. If you require further information on selecting which certification will best meet your requirements contact the team at TechSales Academy.  

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